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Assignment First Page Ignou Result

Before writing and preparing of your assignments, candidates of all IGNOU Programmes have to read carefully every point of assignments given below. It is very necessary that candidates follow every point so that your assignments will be approved without any issue and you get reward for your hard work.

Every student has query that what to write on first page of IGNOU Assignments which they have to submit to concerned study centre of IGNOU. Making front page for assignment is compulsory so that IGNOU evaluator can understand each details about your assignment which you submitted to coordinator.

What to write on First Page of Assignment:

At the time of writing your assignments or after completion of assignments, candidates are confused that what to write on first page of their IGNOU Assignments so here is a solution of your queries. We have make a list of all required details and information to be written at front page of your Assignment solution.  Each and every details given at following list is compulsory to write at the page.

  1. Programme Full Name
  2. Course Code
  3. Course Title
  4. Assignment Code
  5. Study Centre
  6. Session
  7. Mobile Number
  8. Enrollment number
  9. Student Name
  10. Address
  11. Signature
  12. Date

[Write above all the thing on top of the page]

Demo Image for First page at Top:

  • Use only foolscap size paper to write your assignments. Do not use thin papers. Leave lines after completing your one answer so that evaluator writes useful comment on blank areas
  • We recommend to use blank paper instead ruled paper to write your assignment
  • Candidates can use Black or Blue pen to write their assignments for any TEE session.
  • Candidates have to write their assignments with their hand. They cannot copied their answer from any units/blocks given by university. If you copied then you will get zero marks for that copied question.
  • Do not print your assignments or type answer by computer which is not allowed
  • Candidates have to write assignment solution with own help, if you copied any assignments from other students then your assignment will reject by centre
  • Prepare or write each course assignment separately. Do not write every assignments in one set.
  • Write number of each question
  • Candidate must be sent their complete assignments to coordinator of allotted study centre. You cannot send to any other IGNOU centre like Regional Centre, Evaluation Division, and Registration for evaluation.
  • After submitting your assignments to coordinator, they send acknowledgement to study centre
  • If you have applied for change your study centre then you have to send your assignments to original centre until you not get any confirmation by university of study centre change. If you got notice from university for successfully change centre then you can submit to new centre.
  • That’s it

We hope that above points will be helpful for those students who confused or no idea that what to write on 1st page. And we hope that you got your solution from here after read this.

We request to all our candidates that please read and refer every point given above and send your proper IGNOU Assignment solution so that it easily accepted and approved by university and you can can permit for appear in your TEE Examination.

Without writing assignments and submission, no candidates will be permit for attend any of the examination conducted by IGNOU. Students cannot fill their TEE Exam form for any session if they failed to submit their required assignments to university before last date of session.

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