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Acknowledgement For Assignment Uitm Student




Alhamdulillah, first of all we would like to thank God as finally we were able tofinish our assignment that have been given by biostatistic’s lecturer to us. This task had been done with all afford by group members eventhough a little bit problem werehappened among us while doing this assignment. Luckily ,all the problems can besettel down and we were able to adapt properly and wisely.Besides that,big thank we address to our supervisor Pn.Zakiah because without her guide our project cannot be done properly like this. She always give us supports andguide to us how to do our assignment in purpose to produce a good outcome fromresearch that been studied. Topic that been chosen by our group are regarding thestudy of understanding among the first year FSKB student in UKM,KL about roadsign.On the other hand,big thank also we address to others biostatistic’s lecturer such asProf. Dr. Baharudin, Prof.Madya Dr Syarif Lubis, Dr.Ismarulyusda that always teachus and guide us to understand the things that we should know while studying biostatistic and also in producing good project work.Finally,thank to our beloved friend that always stick together and also work hard to produce a good assignment with all afford and responsibility. Hope that all the affordwill give a lot of benefits to us and also to our group project. Million thank also wewish to all our classmate because they also help us in doing our group. They alwaysgive us ideas and comments on our project so that we can improve our project in manyways.


The success and final outcome of this assignment required a lot of guidance and assistance from many people and we extremely fortunate to have got this all along the completion of our assignment work. Whatever we have done is only due to such guidance and assistance and we would not forget to thank them. I respect and thank Ms. Vimalah for giving we an opportunity to do this assignment work and providing us all support and guidance which made me complete the assignment on time, We extremely grateful to her for providing such a nice support and guidance.

We are really grateful because we managed to complete this assignment within the time given by Ms.Vimalah. This assignment cannot be completed without the effort and co-operation from our group members. Group member’s Zaniah, Shakila, Sharif, Icuk, and Thomas. Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to our friends and respondents for support and willingness to spend some time with us.