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Canadian Blood Services Case Study

Canadian Blood Services (CBS) Executive Summary In 1930 the modern blood collecTon system was started by a company called the Canadian Red Cross. However due to a blood scandal in the 1980’s that caused AIDS and other blood transmi±ed viruses to spread through contaminated blood caused the government to Tghten regulaTons on donors such as age, weight and health condiTons. Afer, the Canadian Red Cross was Forced out oF the industry due to lack oF trust From the public. A not-For-pro²t organizaTon, the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) was created to take their place. Since the blood scandal the CBS has restored 80% oF the Canadian populaTons trust. ³he strict regulaTons and lack oF monetary gain means that there is currently no compeTTon in the market and that the CBS has total market share. Even though CBS has total market share there is sTll some apprehension. Blood supply currently has been enough to cover the demand; however the demand is growing at double the rate by which blood donaTons are increasing. Only halF oF Canadians that are actually eligible to donate blood only 3% oF them donate. ³o make a di´cult situaTon even tougher, donated blood has a limited shelF liFe, Forcing CBS to constantly look For donors and to supply the Canadian demand oF 1 million units oF blood that is required annually. Stan Doolby, the director oF markeTng has determined some objecTves to solve the problem a) increase donor numbers and b) increase donor retenTon. ³he Following alternaTves are available do this: 1 - ³arget new and eligible donors 2 - ³arget exisTng Donors (increase retenTon) 3 - ³arget non-eligible donors For other volunteer services 4 - ³arget inacTve donors ³he best alternaTve would be to target the new eligible donors as they are the largest segment that can donate blood which serves as the best opTon to increase donors and keep donor retenTon. OF this group, the youth segment, 17 – 24 age group is the best segment to target as they are already the largest donor group and it would be easy to mass market through social media. 2 | P a g e

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