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Essay On Computer In Easy Language

Computer Its Role in Life Today


The Age of Computers


Computers— The Modern Man’s Intelligence Machine


In this age of scienceand technology, humanity is witnessing an explosion of knowledge.  Computer a machine that promises to beat man in various fields – is one the latest useful inventions word today.  The computer fever his caught everybody from a child of three to an old man of seventy.  Everyone is talking about computers networking from a child of three or an old man seventy. How important computer has become in life today.  Every office, factory, modems, computer virus etc.  This shows developed country in the world is equipped with a computer.  A computer has already become an inseparable part of life.  It helps a doctor I his diagnosis ; it helps an engineer in his multifarious activities; guides a pilot or a navigator to safety; it helps a public or a private official or businessman in more ways that one.  It is an important part of every institution, every office and every establishment public or private in several countries.

                A computer is basically an electronic calculating machine.  It performs, complex and enormous calculation with tremendous speed, precision and diligence.  It accepts data, performs operations according to instruction and provides the results of the operations.  In addition to its speed in performing complicated calculations, the computer has an ability to reproduce, rearrange and reconstruct information that can prove an invaluable asset in science, medicine, technology or any other branch of knowledge. 

                The heart of the computer is the integrated circuit.  Each circuit can carry out millions of calculations in a second.  A computer is programmed first and then fed with a problem in the form of a code, be in FORTAN, ALGOL or COBOL.

                The first computer was huge in size 51 feet in length and 8 feet in height.  Soon computer technology was modified.  They different phases of evolution of computers are conveyed by the term ‘generation’.  We are now using the fifth egeneration computers in the advanced countries of the world.  The development of computer is now directed towards a process of the miniaturization of the components.  Today a chip of silicon, smaller than the thumb nail of an infant, can accommodate all the elaborate electronic circuits that make the brain of the computer.  From the huge computer of earlier days, computer has covered a long road to Pentium Computers that are able to process complicated data in a matter of seconds.

                The key to how artificial intelligence machines will work lies with new style programes and software.  Communication between man and machine is expected to be raised to the level of human communication.  The human brain is not capable of retaining, for example the massive and ever increasing base of medical knowledge.  So the computer will acts as an assistant with all the information.

                The Uses of computers are too many.  The computer performs the assigned tasks in seconds. The solutions are correct to the minutest detail.  Today there is a computer at the beck and call of every research worker, every senior doctor, engineer or technician.  It is on the road to produce robots to assist the housewives in their daily household chores.  Portable computers are being used by people in business to make complex calculations.  The CAT Scanner provides doctors with a view of the whole human body.  The computer has now entered almost every field of human activity.  One can watch video CD’s and video conferencing, send volumes of data from one machine to the other in the farthest corner of the world  ISDN exchanges have revolutionised the use of computers.  A mere pressing of a button can off-load your heavy mail let you know all statistics on various subjects, place before you and control your other machines.  Programmed computers are being used in controlling and monitoring the movement of traffic, reservation of seats in airways and railways, in educational institutions, in defense establishments, in ships and planes all over the world.

                In India, computerization of important sectors like defense, energy, steel, mining, cement, railways, airlines, communication and education has already taken up.  There is need for adequate trained manpower without which computers cannot be effectively utilized.

                Although the use of computers has phenomenally grown, it has some fundamental limitations.  The computer cannot exercise judgement or commonsense.  It has to be meticulously instructed in the programme and it acts as it is instructed.  It is also alleged that the privacy of people is being threatened as every detail regarding a person’s whole life can be squeezed into a few centimeters of computer tape.  Also the use of computers is adding to unemployment all over the country as a single computer can do the work of hundreds of manual workers.

                Though there are a few problems or irritants, it cannot be denied that computers are a boon to humanity.  No country in the world can afford to ignore this very important machine.

                The computers have so revolutionised the day-to –day life of human beings that it has encompassed its every activity.  The explosion of Information Technology, the Website and the windows have thrown all the knowledge of the world at man’s feet. One can visit every nook and corner of the world and glean any sort of knowledge from website.  And it is not the end but the beginning of a revolution.  

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