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Utm Assignment Cover Page

Create your Assignment. Enter the name, instructions, etc.




From the assignment page, scroll down to Submission Type. From the dropdown menu, select External Tool.




This should bring up the External Tool Options. Click the Find button to locate the anti-plagiarism tool.




Scroll through your list of tools and Select UnPlag Plagiarism Checker.




You may also choose to load the tool into a new tab. This feature just makes your anti-plagiarism tool window LARGER.




Then Save or Save and Publish.
The assignment now has Unicheck attached.




To view or edit your Unicheck settings, just go back to your assignment. The Unicheck application will be at the bottom of the screen—click Settings to view or change




Your Unicheck settings are specific by instructor. You can change the number of prechecks that students are allowed or exclude certain types of resources or even exclude sources with certain numbers of matching words—for example, you can use this to exclude the title of a paper or a lengthy quote that appears often.




When you are finished, just click the green Save button at the bottom.




To view your student’s report, just open Speedgrader.




The report includes a similarity percentage, highlighted text with a legend, and even a list of resources that contain the highlighted passages. You can also generate and download a full report.


To see how students submit and check papers using Unicheck, see our How to submit an assignment using Unicheck page.


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You can now get your text book, Neamen, Semiconductor Physics and Devices from Chok How at ground floor at P08-108.
HP: 012-6580462 and email:
The book cost RM80. There is only limited stock left. 
You can also get the book by using your 1M Book Voucher.

Guidelines and Formatting

Due date for submission for hard and soft copy is on 11 October 2013. Maximum five member in a group. Please email your softcopy(document word file, .*docx and MATLAB m-file) to the email subject, please write as follow

Assignment 1 – Group # where# is your group number

Eg: Assignment 1 – Group 1(Accepted)

Eg: Assignment 1(Not Accepted)

Eg: Group 1(Not Accepted)

Please hand in your hardcopy in on Friday 11 October as well. Note that marks will be deducted substantially from your total carry mark for late submission, terrible formatting, and failure to comply to instructions such asimproper subject title and email content. Whether using email for business or personal reasons, it pays to be polite. When it comes to your career, one misinterpreted email could result in limited job opportunities. When it comes to family and friends, a hasty or inappropriate response can cost you a relationship. Fortunately, courteous email etiquette aren't difficult to learn and remember. All it takes is a dose of common sense

Your front page should be formatted as

Assignment 1

Group number

Subject Title

Subject Code

Group Member with IC& Matrix Number

For example

Assignment 1

Group 1

Semiconductor Device Engineering

SKEL 3613

1.NameICMatrix Number

2.NameICMatrix Number

3.NameICMatrix Number

4.NameICMatrix Number

5.NameICMatrix Number

Please refer to the Group # in the Assignment Group Listing attached below