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DataScience@SMU is an online Master of Science in Data Science program designed for current and aspiring data science professionals looking to gain the advanced skills needed to manage, analyze, mine and understand complex data to make strategic decisions in their organizations. Through a combination of interactive coursework, collaborative group activities and online face-to-face classes, students gain the technical, analytical and communication skills needed to make meaningful data-driven decisions across various industries.

A Skills-Based Curriculum

DataScience@SMU’s interdisciplinary curriculum draws from SMU’s Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, Lyle School of Engineering and Meadows School of the Arts. Classes and coursework focus on statistics while building and expanding upon computer science and data visualization skills. As students progress in the program, they master more advanced concepts and have the opportunity to choose a specialization with a customized curriculum that closely aligns with their goals.


By choosing an area of specialization, students can master necessary skill sets and apply them directly to their career interests.

Machine Learning Specialization

Master the machine learning techniques needed to build self-optimizing systems and provide solutions to problems or improve processes in any organization. Learn more.

Business Analytics Specialization

Master the analytical tools required to synthesize qualitative data and effectively communicate results to key stakeholders to inform strategic decision-making. Learn more.

Featured Courses

DataScience@SMU gives you the ability to earn your degree and advance your career without relocating. As a student in the program, you are a full member of the SMU community with access to high-quality curriculum, faculty and resources.

Long-lasting Connections

Develop relationships with industry professionals, faculty and peers while working on group projects, networking at in-person immersions and engaging in discussion during live classes.

Online Campus

Stay connected through our virtual campus. Easily access your coursework from any Internet-enabled device and attend live, weekly classes. With a small student-to-faculty ratio, each class fosters rich, engaging discussions.

Student Support

Receive dedicated student support with tutoring, refresher courses, and academic and career services to ensure your personal and professional goals are met.

DataScience@SMU at a Glance

Designed for working professionals, the program provides flexibility that enables you to maintain current responsibilities while earning your degree in two years or less. GRE waivers are available for students with five or more years of professional experience.

20–28 months to complete the program

33.5 credits of coursework

Get Started Today

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